Bot Health Monitor

The health monitor displays information about your bot's training, models, and configuration changes. It also allows you to cancel an in-progress training. To view the health monitor, click the blue rectangle with a pulse monitor icon on the top right of any page.

There are five sections and one action contained in the health monitor. These sections are available at different times depending on the current training status of your bot.

Section Description Available
Deployed Models Displays currently deployed models on Stage and Production. When clicked, they open the Training and Deployment page.


Last Modified Displays the last change to the bot's configuration and which user made the change. When clicked, it opens the User Activity Log. Always
Last Training

Displays the status of the last training. There are three potential status messages:

  • Success: Shows the training ID. When clicked, it takes you to the deployment page.
  • Error: Shows the training ID and the error message.
  • Canceled: Shows the training ID and the cancellation message.
Before and after training
Average Training Time Displays the average training time for the last 10 trainings. Training in progress
Current Training Time Displays a live duration timer in the format HH:MM:SS. Training in progress
Cancel Training A button that allows you to cancel a training that is in progress. When clicked, it displays a warning and requires confirmation. Training in progress