View and Play Interactions

Recordings of interactions can include voice or digitalClosed Any non-voice channel such as chat, email, SMS, work item, and messaging channels channels, and screen recordings.

To play a recording or view a digital interaction, in the Search results table, click the interaction's Play icon Screenshot of the play contact icon.

The Player opens in a separate window. Player display settings are saved when you close the window:

  • After you open the Interactions Details tab, it will always appear until you close it.

  • Player window size is saved.

When a segmentClosed An interaction between two parties, such as a customer and an agent. Each segment represents a stage in the interaction, such as when a call is transferred to another agent, or agents speak internally to consult. is part of a multi-segment interaction, you can play back the full interaction. Select Play Interaction from the Play icon drop-down. For this action you need the appropriate Evaluation view definitions or Interaction-Segment view definitions for each segment in the contact. See Manage Data Access.

To view all the related segments in an interaction, see View Related Segments.

When the voice or screen recording for a segment in an interaction is not available, you can still view the recording for the entire contact. Unavailable voice recording is indicated on the Player timeline. During the period when a screen recording is unavailable, a notification appears in the screen playback pane. You can move forward in the recording to skip sections with missing content.

Play Voice and Screen Recordings

During playback, you can see:

Screenshot of playback progress, duration, and after call work

In voice recordings, you can view events during the call, such as:

  • When recording is temporarily stopped because a customer gives credit card information

  • When a category is identified, and if it is considered High Confidence (High Confidence is defined as 75%)

  • Segment sentiment (positive Screenshot of the positive sentiment icon, negative Screenshot of the negative sentiment icon, mixed Screenshot of the mixed sentiment icon, neutral Screenshot of the neutral sentiment icon).

Permissions are required to view categories and sentiments.

If there are multiple events in a short period of time, you can hover over EventScreenshot of the event icon to view the details.

You can view a screen recording of an interaction even when the voice recording for that interaction failed.

View Digital Interactions

  • In a digitalClosed Any non-voice channel such as chat, email, SMS, work item, and messaging channels interaction that includes screen recording, you can switch between viewing both the screen recording and transcript, or just the screen recording. Click ActionsScreenshot of the Actions button and select the required option.

  • For email interactions, you can click TimelineScreenshot of the journey button to view the events.

  • An agent can handle several digital customer interactions in parallel. In these cases, the screen recording can capture other interactions as the agent moves between interactions.

    During playback of these screen recordings, the Player displays a focus indicator. This indicator marks in pink the parts when the agent was handling the selected interaction.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Player

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts when playing a recording.

action shortcut
Play and pause Space bar
Change to full screen F
Mute and unmute M
Forward Right arrow
Back Left arrow

Player Actions

  • View the screen recording of a specific monitor when the agent has more than one screen.

    To view a single screen, select that screen. Use the arrows to flip through the screens or click View All to see all the agent's monitors together.

  • Adjust the playback to focus on parts of the interaction.

    For example, play part of the recorded segment in a loop to confirm what was in the call or screen recording. Click Loop Screenshot of the loop button once to mark the beginning of the loop and a second time to mark the end of the loop. Then click Play. You can click Loop Screenshot of the loop button a third time to clear it.

  • View interaction details during playback: click ActionsScreenshot of the Actions button and select View recording and details.

    The Interaction Details tab includes the interaction summary, business data information, and te behavior scores for each customer satisfaction metric for all agents in the interaction. Permissions are required to view behavior scores.

  • Download the voice and screen recording file: click ActionScreenshot of the action button and select Voice & screen. To download only the audio file, click ActionScreenshot of the action button and select Voice only.

    To download the screen recording file from a digital interaction, click ActionScreenshot of the action button and select Screen only.

    The filename is formatted as CXone recording_{agent name}_{call start time}[UTC]_{id}.mp4. Note that the date in the filename is in UTC, unlike the Player, which is displayed in your local time zone.

  • Add an annotation to an interaction: click Add annotationScreenshot of the add annotation button.

    You can create public or private annotations. You can also view public annotations added by other users. Permissions are required to use annotations.

Elevated Interactions

In an elevated contact, the interaction is switched from one channel to another in order to serve the customer's need. You can view all the segments and play back the entire contact in one player window. This lets you see the interaction journey and switch between different segments of the interaction.

You can also switch between viewing both the screen recording and transcript, or just the screen recording. In Player, click Actions Screenshot of the Actions button and select the required option.

When playback of one segment is completed, you need to manually switch to another segment to play back the recording.