Intraday Report

Related Products or Features: Business Intelligence (BI) Reports, WFM

Required Permissions: Report Viewer, WFM Intraday Report

Required Employee Settings: Can View BI Reports

This Intraday report shows weekly forecasted data by skills for the selected week. This report helps managers to compare the actual data with the forecasted data, and spot areas where they can plan better.

The managers can select the time zone in which they would like to view the data.

Example of Use

Sarah would like to view and compare the actual and forecasted data for last week to analyze how well the planning went.

Overview Page

The Intraday report displays data in four widgets. You can toggle between viewing the Actual vs Forecast widget and the Aggregated Raw Data widgets by selecting different metrics. Each widget presents the data from a different perspective.

The skill with the highest variance in volume is always displayed at the top.