Adherence Report

Related Products or Features: Business Intelligence (BI) Reports, WFM

Required Permissions: Report Viewer, WFM Adherence Report

Required Employee Settings: Can View BI Reports

The Adherence report helps you to see how well your employees are adhering to their schedules. Its enhanced drilling and filtering capabilities let you pinpoint relevant data, gain actionable insights quickly and easily, and focus on potential or existing adherence issues for your agents and their activities.

Examples of Use

  • Review team adherence

    Jill defined a goal for her team to remain 90% in adherence during the month of June. When the month is over, she wants to see how her team did compared to their goal.

  • Reward strong adherence to schedules

    David is the manager of several teams, and he wants to check which of his agents have the highest level of adherence in order to reward them with a bonus.


The main page in the Adherence report displays adherence data in five different widgets.

Each widget presents the adherence data from a different perspective.

You can filter by day, scheduling unit, or agent to refine the information displayed on this page.