CXone Expert

CXone Expert is a knowledge management tool that makes finding answers fast and simple for your customers and employees. You can use it as a standalone product (CXone Expert CX), or integrated into the CXone platform (CXone Expert EX). To buy and enable CXone Expert, contact your CXone Account Representative.

High-level features of CXone Expert include:

  • Content management—Lets you write, organize, tag, permission, and link your content.
  • User management—Lets you handle your users and their groups.
  • Reporting and analytics—Tracks and analyzes your usage data so you know which articles have the most views and which articles need work.

When your content is ready for use, you must create touchpointsClosed A place where you embed your CXone Expert content. You can integrate it into a web property or application. for the information. For customers, you can enable access in different channels they use, including CRMs, in-product help, identity providers, forums, case submission forms, ecommerce, chat bots, software, and so on. For agents, you can enable access in MAX workspace and in screenpops. You can enable agents to launch CXone Expert from either MAX and Salesforce Agent using the Launch feature. In Salesforce Agent Lightning Experience, you can enable access to CXone Expert in a Visualforce page.

Key Facts about CXone Expert

  • CXone Expert articles appear within the top few Google search results.
  • CXone Expert uses natural language search. Users can enter partial words or even misspellings and still find what they need.
  • You can create a guided learning experience using the paths feature. You organize pages into the order you want users to see them in. You can embed paths as a hyperlink, a widget, or in guide tabs.

Manage CXone Expert EX from CXone

If you've integrated CXone Expert with CXone, you can access your sites by logging in to CXone. To do so, click the app selector Image of app selector icon, and click CXone Expert from the Other section.

For detailed instructions for using CXone Expert, see

Integrate CXone Expert

CXone Expert integrates into MAX and Salesforce Agent. It can also integrate with Digital Experience. To set this up, first contact your CXone Account Representative to buy and set up CXone Expert if you haven't already done so. Once you have CXone Expert, you can:

  • Link CXone into a workspace in MAX for the business unit or for a team. The URL you supply is the link to your instance of CXone Expert.
  • Use default screenpops or a custom Studio script to configure screenpops with relevant articles that agents receive when they begin a new contact. CXone Expert supplies articles based on contact input data earlier in the interaction. If you want help setting up screenpops, contact your CXone Account Representative.

  • Link to CXone Expert in the Launch tool of MAX or Salesforce Agent using the Indicate Studio action. If you want help setting up this script, contact your CXone Account Representative.
  • Use an API integration between CXone Expert and CXone Bot Builder to create an agentless experience through Digital Experience. It sends articles to contacts that are related to the requests they make. For help creating your integrated bot experience, contact your CXone Account Representative.