Agent Assist Applications in MAX

This content is for a product or feature in controlled release (CR). If you have questions not answered in the online help, talk to your manager.

This topic is for agents. If you're an administrator, see the page about Agent Assist Hub.

Agent assistants are programs that help you when you handle interactions. They're like having a personal assistant who finds information or offers advice while you talk to the contact. During an interaction, agent assistants display information on a slide-out panel in MAX. The information may include: 

  • Answers to the contact's questions. You may see FAQ answers or knowledge base articles.
  • Guidance on how you're handling the conversation. For example, if you're speaking too fast, the agent assistant may display a reminder to slow down.
  • Reminders based on what you or the contact say or don't say. For example, if the contact says "I'm really upset," the agent assistant may display a message to remind you to show empathy for the contact.
  • Suggested replies that are appropriate and relevant to the current conversation.
  • Confirmation of who you're talking to based on the caller's voiceprint.
  • Other information, such as checklists for compliance or forms to complete.

Marilla Cuthbert is a customer service agent with Classics, Inc., a bookseller. One day, a caller asks about the cloud storage service that Classics, Inc. offers for e-book purchases. The agent assist program listens to the conversation and determines what the contact's question is. Then it finds three FAQ answers that best fit the question.

Marilla scans the provided answers and decides that the second one is the best answer. The contact is asking where her e-books and other data are kept. Marilla uses the FAQ answer to explain how data storage with Classics, Inc.'s service works and where the contact's books and data are kept. The contact is happy with the answer.

Marilla was able to save some time on the call and provide accurate information thanks to the agent assistant.

Agent Assist Panel in MAX

The agent assist panel slides out from the right side of MAX at the start of an interaction. The information that the panel shows you depends on the kind of agent assistant your company uses. MAX supports several agent assist applications.

You can click the double-arrow icon The icon that opens and closes the agent assist panel in MAX. It's two less-than symbols side by side. in the top right corner of MAX to collapse and reopen the panel. The agent assistant continues to work even if you collapse the panel.

If you don't have the slide-out agent assist panel in MAX, your company might not be using agent assistants. Or, your company may have configured them to show up a different way. They might appear in a website or a CRMClosed Third-party systems that manage such things as contacts, sales information, support details, and case histories. application. If you have an agent Assist panel in MAX, it may look different from the examples on this page. Each company has different needs and sets up agent assistants to best meet those needs. Your administrator can answer any questions you have about if and how your company uses agent assistants.

Real-Time Guidance and Alerts During Interactions

The Real-Time Interaction Guidance (RTIG) agent assistant listens to voice interactions. It offers guidance on how to improve your performance during the interaction. The RTIG help page provides more information about how it works.

Informational Agent Assistants

Some agent assistants provide possible answers to your contact's questions. These are informational agent assistants. They can find articles or FAQs that help you respond to the contact.

This kind of agent assistant can help with chat and voice interactions. the informational agent assistant listens to the conversation. When the assistant has information for you, it appears on the agent assist panel in MAX. The assistant continues to listen during the whole the interaction. It updates the panel when it detects that the contact's needs have changed.

If your company uses the agent assist panel, all suggestions from the agent assistant appear on the panel in MAX. If your company has a different way of providing answers to you, MAX won't have the panel.

The example image shows Google Contact Center AI (CCAI), one of the supported agent assistants in MAX. In addition to offering FAQ articles, CCAI provides:

  • Smart Reply: Smart reply offers suggestions for what to say to the contact next. CCAI displays suggestions in real time based on the current conversation.
  • Confidence Scores: A score appears for each suggested FAQ and smart reply. The scores range from 1-100, with higher numbers being better. Use them to help you decide which FAQ or reply is the best one to use.

If your company uses a different informational agent assistant, the agent assist panel in MAX will look different. Or your company might not use the agent assist panel in MAX. Ask your manager for more information about agent assistants your company uses.

Smart Reply

Smart reply provides suggested replies for you to use throughout a conversation with a contact. The replies change in real time as the conversation continues. This means the options available to you are always appropriate and relevant.

Smart reply is an optional feature. If your company has set it up, the agent assist panel in MAX has a smart reply section that displays current suggestions.

You can use smart reply suggestions with voice and chat interactions.

Voice-Based Caller Authentication

Every person has a unique voiceprint, just like they have unique fingerprints. MAXSalesforce Agent has an agent assist application that can authenticate contacts using just their voice. This application is called Omilia Voice Biometrics. It uses a contact's voiceprint to tell if the person is who they say they are.

Omilia is an optional feature that your company must enable. For more information about using it, see the voice authentication online help page.