Error Messages

The following error messages occur in the Desktop Studio application.

Error Message

Description or Resolution

_ERR=In Snippet line [#]: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: type . A dynamic data object contains an attribute named __type. In Studio, __type (with two underscore characters) is used when parsing JSON. It cannot be used as a key name in dynamic data variables, because they can parse JSON. Rename the attribute.
_ERR=In Snippet line [#]: Array index must be >= 1

The square brackets in the reference to an array elements contains characters that are not numeric or are not an existing variable name or the variable contains a non-numeric value.

An application error occurred. It was not possible to open the Editor of Workflow Execute. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Appears when you attempt to launch the editor window of the Workflow Execute or Workflow Configuration actions but aren't logged in to CXone with your user name and password.

You must either log in to CXone or log in to Studio using your CXone user name and password and the Login button. Access to the editor of this action requires Global Authentication, which is only used when you log in with your user name and password.

Function 'asJson' has not been defined.

This error happens when you have a variable in a property of a Studio action that uses the asjson() function. When you make a change to the script and save, the error appears on the Script Errors tab. If you save again, the errors disappear.

To avoid this error, use the asjson() function within a Snippet action and store the resulting JSON in a string variable. Use the name of the string variable in Studio action properties where the values are needed.

Function '[name]' has not been defined

This error happens any time you have an undeclared object in your script. Even if the object is created in a script that calls the one being validated or by an integration that passes values into the script, you must have an object declaration for all objects referenced in the script.

To avoid this, you can declare the object in a snippet without assigning any values to it. Learn more about this in the Objects help page.

Snippet line [#], Unsupported Dynamic Data method: [method name] The specified function cannot be used on a dynamic object. If variable the function is being used with in the snippet that caused the error is a standard variable, check the other snippets. The variable may have been declared as a dynamic object in another location.
Unable to start tracing. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Save all scripts, close Studio, then log back in.
You cannot add this action to the active script. The media type is incompatible.

The action doesn't work with the media type of the current script. The error box displays the following information:

  • Tool: The name of the action you attempted to add.
  • Media: The media type of the action.
  • Script Media: The media type of the current script.

To resolve this error, use a different action or change the media type of the script.