Evaluations By Team Report

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Required permissions: Report Viewer, Evaluations By Team

Required Employee Settings: Can View BI Reports

The Evaluations by Team report shows evaluation data across all channels for your teams and the agents in those teams. This page explains the widgets in the report and the data available in each.

The Evaluations by Team report, displaying four widgets that show evaluation data.

Elinor Dashwood is a supervisor at Classics, Inc who manages multiple teams. She wants to check if anyone on her teams is struggling with their evaluations. She opens the Evaluations by Team report, defines a time period, and selects her teams. She selects the evaluation forms she wants to see the data for. She uses the Bottom 5 Performers widget to see which of her agents are struggling the most. Next, she finds those agents in the Average Score by Agent widget and clicks on each agent's name to see details about their performance. The Agent Details page opens. On that page, she uses the Evaluations widget to identify which evaluations the agent struggled with most.

Average Score by Team Widget

The Average Score by Team widget displays each team's average evaluation score in a colored box. Red indicates a low score, and blue indicates a high score. Select a team to filter the data in the other widgets in the report by that team.

Average Score Over Time Widget

This widget displays the average evaluation score over time for each team as a separate dot. You can view the data by month or by day.

Average Performance Widget

This widget shows:

  • Top Performers: The agents with the highest evaluation scores from all teams included in the report.

  • Bottom Performers: The agents with the lowest evaluation scores from all teams displayed in the report.

Average Score by Agent Widget

This widget displays the average evaluation scores in each channel for the different agents in each team. It also shows the variance in their average scores from the average team score. The agents are grouped by their teams. Expand the teams to view the agents.

Click an agent name or the View link next to the agent name to drill-down into a detailed report for that agent.

Click the channel drop-down at the top of the widget to select the channels to include in the table. Only supported digital channels appear in this drop-down.

Evaluation Score Trend Widget

When you select an agent in the Average Score by Agent widget, the Evaluation Score Trend widget appears. This widget shows:

  • The agent's average score over a defined period of time.

  • The team's average score over the same period of time.

You can use this widget to compare the agent's average score to the average score of their team.

Evaluations Widget

When you select an agent in the Average Score by Agent widget, the Evaluations widget appears. This widget shows the agent's evaluations. It includes the variance of the evaluation score from the agent's average score.