Real-Time Interaction Guidance-Phrases Report

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This report allows you to view status and trend information from Real-Time Interaction Guidance. You can filter the report data either By Team, By Agent, or By Contact using the tabs in the report header. The report contains three widgets and two tables where you can view specific data. The widgets display teams or agents with the most or fewest alerts, as well as the most common alerts.

Most Common Alerts Widget

The Most Common Alerts widget is a breakdown of all 11 guidance behaviors. It displays a doughnut chart with the number of alerts that were triggered for each behavior. This can provide insight into which behaviors your agents may need to improve.

Phrase Alerts

This table displays information for the number of contacts handled and the quantity of all alerts that occurred during those interactions. You can drill down to view more detailed data for individual agents, teams, or contacts. For example, you could view the exact number of times each alert was triggered for an agent. You can drill down to see information at the interaction level, such as the date and duration of interactions for specific agents.