Integrate Salesforce with CXone Agent Integrated

This page explains how to integrate Salesforce into CXone Agent Integrated. This allows agents to see records from Salesforce in the customer card.


Before you begin:

  • Make sure Agent Integrations is enabled for your tenant. Your CXone Account Representative can help with this.

  • Create a user account in your CRM specifically for CXone configuration. This is the System User. It is recommended to give the System User administrator privileges. If you do not want to give the System User administrator privileges, you must give it all the permissions your CXone Agent users have.

    If the CRM user account that created the CRM configuration is deleted or disabled, the CRM configuration will also be deleted. Prevent this by creating a System User.

  • Enable the Customer Card employee profile attribute in AdminEmployees. This enables the agent to see the customer card.

  • Enable the Agent Integrations employee profile attribute in Admin > Employees. This enables the agent to see CRM records in the customer card.

Create a CRM Configuration in CXone

Required permissions: Configurations Create

  1. In CXone, click the app selector and select Agent Integrations.
  2. Click New CRM Configuration.
  3. Select Salesforce from the Integration Type drop-down.
  4. Enter a name for the integration in Configuration Name. You can write a Description.
  5. Click Authenticate.
  6. In the Authentication pop-up window, select one of the authenticated accounts listed, if you have them.
  7. If you need to create a new authentication, click New authentication.
    1. To change the name of the authentication, edit Your authentication name.
    2. Select your Salesforce instance type.
    3. In the Salesforce pop-up window, log in to Salesforce.
    4. Review the list of access requests and click Allow.
  8. Click Finish. A message telling you the authentication is active appears in the bottom right corner of CXone.

Set Up Data Memorialization

To map data fields between Salesforce and CXone Agent Integrated, set up data memorialization. This ensures that when a field is changed in one application, it is updated in the other.