Agent Messaging

Required permissions: Agent Messaging Create

Agent messaging allows you to create short messages which appear to agents when they log in to their agent application. You can choose to send a message to one or more agents, to one or more teams, to one or more stations, or to everyone. The character limit is 1024 for these messages.

Create Agent Messages

  1. Click the app selector and select ACD.
  2. Go to ACD ConfigurationAgent Messaging.

  3. Click Create New.
  4. In the To field, select the type of message recipients from the drop-down.
  5. Select the checkboxes to the left of the possible recipients. You can Search for specific recipients if the list is long.
  6. Enter a value in the Subject field. This field can contain up to 100 characters.
  7. In the Duration field, enter the number of minutes you want the message to display in the agent window after the agent logs in.
  8. In the Expire Date field, enter a date. You can manually type a value or use the date picker. The default value is the current day.
  9. In the Expire Time field, enter a time. The value auto-formats as you type.
  10. In the text field, type the body of the message, optionally using the available formatting tools such as font family, font size, color, and so forth. The body can contain up to 1,024 characters, including the HTML tags if you style your message. Each message contains one set of <P></P> HTML tags at a minimum.
  11. Click Send Message.