This help page is for Desktop Studio.This information is also available for CXone Studio.

完成由另一个脚本中 Runsub 触发的子脚本。

ReturnReturnValue 属性中存储一个单一值,并将其传递回调用子脚本的脚本。ReturnValue 存储在 Runsub 操作的 ReturnVariable 属性中。

Return 应始终将控制权返回给主脚本。最好的做法是不要在子脚本中结束脚本。

Supported Script Types

The icon for a Generic script type - a rectangle with < and > symbols inside it.

The icon for the Email script type - a large @ symbol in a diamond.

The icon for the Chat script type - a chat bubble with an ellipsis inside (...), in a diamond shape.

The icon for the Phone script type - an old-style phone handset with curved lines indicating sound coming out of it.

The icon for the Voicemail script type - a symbol that looks like a cassette tape - two circles sitting on a horizontal line.

The icon for the Work Item script type-a piece of paper with one corner folded down and a bullet list on it.

The icon for the SMS script type - a smart phone with a chat bubble coming out of it.

The icon for the Digital script type - a computer monitor with a smartphone next to it.


电子邮件 聊天 电话 语音信箱 工作项目 短信 数字

Input Properties





输入在脚本中唯一标识此操作的短语。标题显示在脚本画布上的操作图标下方。The default is the action name.


保留要传递给主脚本的值的变量。该值存储在主脚本的 Runsub actionReturnVariable 属性中。

Result Branch Conditions


Tips & Tricks

ReturnValue 可以是一个数组或动态数据对象。如果使用动态数据对象,请使用 asjson()asxml() 函数将其转换为 JSON 或 XML。然后,您可以将 JSON 或 XML 作为单个字符串值传递给主脚本。在主脚本中,可以将该值转回为一个动态数据对象。

Script Example


The example below is a subscript that uses three Return actions to values back to a main script.

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