Evaluation Question Details Report

Related Products or Features: Business Intelligence (BI) Reports, Quality Management

Required permissions: Report Viewer, Evaluation Question Details

Required Employee Settings: Can View BI Reports

The Evaluation Question Details report displays questions from a single evaluation form and all of their associated data. You can use this report to identify evaluation trends in your organization.

When you select a QM form when running this report, the form name may have a # or X at the end. The # indicates that the form is deactivated and the X indicates that the form was deleted.

Select the applicable form from the list, then click Run. Choose the form version, then click Run again.

Example of Use

  • Get a complete look at evaluation questions and their details

    Gary manages a team of agents. He's interested in looking at all of the data connected to one of the evaluation forms used to evaluate his agents, and drawing his own conclusions.


The report consists of a large grid that contains all raw question data for the teams and evaluation form selected to run the report. This includes answers and available answer options for questions, data regarding the evaluation, information about the different questions (critical, from the question bank, etc.) and agent information. Right-click in the grid for more actions.