Evaluation Question and Answer Details Report

Related Products or Features: Business Intelligence (BI) Reports, CXone Quality Management

Required permissions: Report Viewer, Evaluation Question and Answer Details

Required Employee Settings: Can View BI Reports

The Evaluation Question and Answer Details report displays a table with every question the agent answered and their answers to those questions. This can help you gain evaluation insights for your team across several channels.

The Evaluation Question and Answer Details report, showing a table of evaluation data, mainly questions and answers, sorted by agent.

Data in this Report

The Evaluation Question and Answer Details report includes all raw question and answer data for the teams and evaluation form you selected when you ran the report. Each row represents the answers from a single evaluation and each column represents one of the questions from the formClosed A collection of questions used to evaluate agent interactions. Right-click in the table for more actions.

Column Description
Master Contact Unique ID number given to the contact by the ACDClosed System that recognizes, routes, and connects contacts to available agents based on skill and priority. This is also called the Master Contact ID or ACD Contact ID.
Contact Number Unique ID number of the evaluated interaction. This is also called the Contact ID.
Agent Name of the agent who was evaluated.
Active Status

Status of the evaluated agent:

  • Active: The agent is in your organization.

  • Inactive: The agent has left your organization.

Team Name of the team the agent belongs to.
Group Group the agent belongs to.
Skill SkillClosed Used to automate delivery of interactions based on agent skills, abilities, and knowledge for the interaction.
Evaluator Name Name of the evaluator.
Interaction ID Unique ID number for the interaction.
Workflow Instance ID Unique ID of the evaluation.
Evaluation Start Date Date and time (in UTC) that the evaluator began the evaluation.
Evaluation Submitted Date Date and time (in UTC) the evaluator submitted the evaluation.
Interaction Date Date and time (in UTC) the evaluated interaction took place.
Interaction Duration Duration of the evaluated interaction.
Workflow Status

Status of the workflow:

  • Awaiting Submission

  • Claimed

  • Completed

  • Completed Self Assessment

  • Deleted

  • Deleted - Expired

  • Appealed

  • Expired

  • Expired Self Assessment

  • In Progress

  • In Progress Self Assessment

  • In Review

  • New Self Assessment

  • Partially Completed

  • Replaced

  • Sent to Agent

  • Sent to Supervisor

  • Waiting for Agent

  • Waiting for Evaluator

Learn about workflow and display statuses.

Display Status

Possible values can be:

  • Challenged

  • Completed

  • Completed Partially

  • Deleted

  • Draft

  • Expired

  • New

  • Waiting for Agent

  • Waiting for Evaluator

Learn about workflow and display statuses.

Evaluation Flow Trigger

Event that started the evaluation:

  • Calibration (Records not included in the report.)

  • Collaborative

  • Manual

  • Quality Plan

  • Self-Assessment

Workflow Type

Type of evaluation workflow:

  • Calibration

  • Collaboration

  • Evaluation

  • Self-Assessment

Evaluation Subject

Possible values include:

  • Segment: The evaluation is based on a CXone interaction.

  • Employee: The evaluation is either based on a non-CXone interaction or is not interaction-related.

Score % Evaluation score as percentage. If the score is edited in the evaluation, it is updated in the report.
Section/Questions Displays sections and questions included in the evaluation form.