Evaluation Details Report

Related Products or Features: Business Intelligence (BI) Reports, Quality Management

Required permissions: Report Viewer, Evaluation Details

Required Employee Settings: Can View BI Reports

The Evaluation Details report displays data for all types of evaluations, including agent evaluations, calibrations, self-assessments. It also shows the associated interaction data. It's a great way to access information quickly, and gain insights about evaluations.

When you select a QM form when running this report, the form name may have a # or X at the end. The # indicates that the form is deactivated and the X indicates that the form was deleted.

Select the applicable form from the list, then click Run. Choose the form version, then click Run again.

Example of Use

  • Get a complete look at evaluation details

    David manages a team of agents. He is interested in looking at the overall data regarding their evaluations over the last month, and drawing his own conclusions.


The report consists of a large grid that contains all raw evaluation data for the teams and evaluation forms selected to run the report. Right-click in the grid for more actions.