Calibration Report

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Required permissions: Report Viewer, Calibration

Required Employee Settings: Can View BI Reports

The Calibration report helps you to calibrate evaluation forms. During calibration, the evaluation form is sent to a number of users to evaluate. The Calibration report automatically tracks variance between evaluators and individual evaluator performance. You can run the report on different versions of the same evaluation form and see the change in variance between the versions.

The Calibration Report, showing columns for Evaluator Name or Form Name, Calibration Completed, Total Calibration, Calibration Score, and Average Variance.

Data in this Report

The Calibration report has multiple columns that present data attributes and metrics. You can filter the data by:

  • Form—Quickly see the forms and questions that have very high variance between evaluator answers. To filter by form, select Form in the Report By field.

  • Evaluator—Identify evaluators who are consistently over- or under-evaluating evaluation forms and questions. This can help you determine which evaluators may need additional coaching to bring their scores in line with quality standards. To filter by evaluator, select Evaluator in the Report By field.

John Middleton is a quality manager for Classics, Inc. He wants to improve evaluator performance. He opens the Calibration report, defines a time period, selects the forms he wants to analyze, and selects his team. He selects Evaluator in the Report By field to filter by evaluator. He notices Lucy Steele, an evaluator, has high variance. He clicks Lucy's name to get more detail on the variance of the forms and questions Lucy has evaluated.

The table below provides a description for each column.

Column Description
Evaluator Name Name of the evaluator. Click the evaluator name to drill-down into specific information about that evaluator.
Form Name Name of the form. Click the form name to drill-down into specific information about that form.
Calibration Completed Number of calibrations completed.
Total Calibration Number of calibrations requested.
Calibration Score

Calibration score for the evaluator or form.

  • If calibration is based off an evaluation, the report displays the evaluation score.

  • If calibration is based off an interaction, the report displays the average calibration score across the evaluators.

Average Variance

Average variance across all the evaluators or forms. High variance indicates the question is being scored inconsistently by the evaluators.

An average variance of 0% doesn't necessarily mean there is no variance. It can mean that positive (easier) and negative (harder) scores have been evened out. For example, if there are two evaluators in the calibration and one scores 5% harder (-5%) and the other scores 5% easier (+5%), the average variance is 0%.