Campaign Performance Report

Report source: Tubes

Report refresh rate: 6 hours

The Campaign Performance report displays key metrics about the performance of your campaignsClosed A grouping of skills used to run reports.. You can quickly identify successful campaigns and campaigns that need assistance.

Bar Chart

The Campaign Performance report shows three bar charts:

  • Our 5 Busiest Campaigns: Displays the five campaigns with the most handled calls. This can help you make staffing decisions. You can also use it to monitor call spikes in campaigns.

  • Top 3/Bottom 3 Campaigns by Service Level: Displays the three campaigns with the highest service level percentage, and the three campaigns with the lowest.

  • Top 3/Bottom 3 Campaigns by AHT: Displays the three campaigns with the shortest AHT, and the three campaigns with the longest.

Data in this Report

The Campaign Performance report has multiple columns that present data attributes and metrics. The table below provides a description for each column.

Column Description
Campaign Name The name of the campaign the data in this row is associated with.

The total number of incoming contacts for the campaign.


The total number of outbound contacts for the campaign. This metric does not include transferred contacts, but it can include both handled and non-handled contacts.

Distinct contacts where Direction = OUTBOUND and skills.outbound_skill = TRUE


The number of contacts offered (delivered) to agents, whether they were answered or refused, in the campaign. Answered contacts are considered "handled." If the agent does not answer, and the time exceeds the station timeout, then it is considered a "refused" contact. If the caller hangs up or otherwise disconnects, then it is considered an "abandon." Contacts who abandon after an agent refusal are still counted as both a contact offered and contact abandon. Contacts transferred to another agent will not count as an offered contact.

Distinct contacts where (a contact_state = ROUTING record exists) and (not transferred directly to an agent (i.e. reskillindicator <= 1) and direction = INBOUND


The total number of inbound contacts handled by agents for the campaign. Handled contacts are also known as "Contacts Answered."

Distinct count of contacts where contact_state = ACTIVE and contact_state_duration > 0

Avg Handle Time

The average length of time an agent in the campaign spent handling an inbound contact.

Calculation: Handle Time / Contacts Handled


The total number of abandoned contacts for the campaign. Abandoned contacts spent time waiting to speak to an agent and then hung up or otherwise exited the system before being offered to an agent. Abandons are not resolved in the IVRClosed Automated phone menu that allows callers to interact through voice commands, key inputs, or both, to obtain information, route an inbound voice call, or both..

Distinct contacts where contact_state = ABANDONED while INQUEUE and (direction = INBOUND and skills.outbound_skill = FALSE)

Avg inQueue Time

The average amount of time contacts in the campaign spent in the queue.

Calculation: Inqueue Time / Contacts Queued

% Abandons

The percentage of total inbound contacts in the campaign who abandoned prior to being offered to an agent.

Calculation: (Abandons / Contacts Queued) * 100

Avg Abandon Time

The average amount of time a contact in the campaign waited in queue before abandoning.

Calculation: Abandon Time / Contacts Abandoned

Service Level

The service level percentage for the campaign.