Agent Time Card Report

Report source: DW (Data Warehouse)

Report refresh rate: 10 seconds

The Agent Time Card report shows the total duration of time that agents were logged in during a selected date range. Using time card data, you can accurately track your agents' hours. This data is especially useful if your employees are working remotely.

Data in this Report

The Agent Time Card report has multiple columns that present data attributes and metrics. The table below provides a description for each column.

Column Description
Agent Name (ID) Agent name and unique ID assigned to them by the system.
Agent Session Unique system-generated session ID.
Login Date Date the agent logged into the system.
Logout Date Date the agent logged out of the system. If the agent is currently logged in and working, the value here will indicate the most recently logged change in the agent’s state. This report is not designed to be used for real-time data.
Duration The total length of time the agent was logged into the system.