Active Contacts Report

Report source: DW (Data Warehouse)

Report refresh rate: 10 seconds

The Active Contacts report shows all pre-queue, in-queue, and active contacts that are currently connected to the platform. With this information, you can quickly evaluate your contact center's current performance.

Data in this Report

The Active Contacts report has multiple columns that present data attributes and metrics.

View Contact Details for an Active Contact

Clicking on the Contact ID from the list of active contacts loads the Contact Detail Report for that interaction. For voice contacts, you can view the details for the call, listen in on the call, and begin recording the call. For chat contacts, you can few the details for the chat and view a transcript of the live chat. You can also manually clear or force close a contact from the list.

  1. Click the app selector and select Reporting.
  2. Go to Prebuilt Reports > Active Contacts.
  3. Click Run Report.
  4. In the generated report, click the Contact IDClosed A unique numerical identifier assigned to each contact to view details for that specific contact.

    If you click the Contact ID and you see an Error message instead of the Contact Details window, the contact has ended and is no longer active. To refresh the report, click Run Report.

Listen in on a Live Call

  1. In the Contact Details window for a call, click the Contact Options tab.
  2. In the Phone field, type the phone number you would like to use to hear the ongoing call.
  3. Click Listen. You will be connected without the agent and the customer knowing that you have joined the call.
  4. To stop monitoring the call, close the Contact Details window or hang up your phone.

Record a Live Call

  1. In the Contact Details window for a call, click the Contact Options tab.
  2. Click Record to log the live contact.
  3. To stop recording the call, click Stop.

View the Transcript for an Active Chat

  1. In the Contact Details window for a chat contact, click the Transcript tab.
  2. A transcript of the chat is displayed along with the agent's response time for each interaction with the customer. The average response time is listed at the top of the window.
  3. For security purposes, data passed through to the chat monitoring tab is encrypted.

Clear a Stuck Contact

  1. In the Contact Details window for any active contact, click the Contact Options tab.
  2. Click Clear Contact.
  3. Click OK to verify the action to end the contact.
  4. If the contact fails to clear, click Terminate Contact to force the contact to close.