Active Agents Report

Report source: DW (Data Warehouse)

Report refresh rate: 10 seconds

The Active Agents report shows the number of agents who are actively connected to the system and their current activity at the moment you run the report.

With this information, you can quickly evaluate what your agents are doing. From this report, you can also log your agents out of the system and even clear stuck agents using the Terminate option.

Data in this Report

The Active Agents report has multiple columns that present data attributes and metrics. The table below provides a description for each column.

Column Description
Agent ID The Agent ID number. This is a unique value identifying the agent.
Name The agent's first and last name.
State The agent's current stateClosed The availability status of an agent when the report was run. Click the refresh button to refresh the data in the report.
Duration The amount of time that the agent has been in their current state. Displays minutes and seconds in MM:SS.
Station The station ID that the agent is currently using to log on.
Team The team the agent is assigned to.
Skill The ACD skillClosed Used to automate delivery of interactions based on agent skills, abilities, and knowledge being used by an active contact the agent is on. This only displays if the agent is in an ACD (inbound) or Outbound stateClosed The availability status of an agent.
Force Agent Disconnect Click Force Disconnect to force a logout for the agent. This ends all interactions associated with the agent. This is useful for logging out agents who forgot to log out before finishing their shift.
Terminate Agent If Force Disconnect does not clear a stuck agent, click Terminate to remove the agent from the active agents list. From the agent's perspective, their instance of MAX automatically closes.