Lead Source Audit Report

Supervisors can use the Lead Source Audit report to understand how lead sources are used. This report enables the supervisor to make informed decisions on when to schedule additional calling and whether or not to retire a list.

The fields highlighted above are summary fields. In general: Available + Not Available = Not Finalized. If there are parked records or inactive sources, it is possible that these fields will not equal. Also, it is possible that multiple reasons are applied to a record. The Available and Not Available fields are derived from the non-highlighted fields shown below each header.

Lead Source Audit is one of the Personal Connection Outbound reports available from the Outbound Report Store.

Data in this Report

The Lead Source Audit report has multiple columns that present data attributes and metrics. The table below provides a description for each column.

Column Description


Name of list source.


Total number of records that were loaded.


Number of records not callable due to DNC match or minimum fields not correctly populated.


Loaded – scrubbed.

Total Finalized

Number of records that have received a final outcome to date.

Net Penetration Rate

Finalized/net records.

Gross Penetration Rate

Finalized/loaded records.

Agent Final

The number of records finalized by an agent.

Total System Final

Records that have received a final outcome assigned by the system.

Final – Suppressed

Calls that were finalized by the suppression engine.

Check-in Other

Records that were checked in and not finalized. For example, calls that were expired and checked into the CRMClosed Third-party systems that manage such things as contacts, sales information, support details, and case histories., no longer available for calling.


Total records available for calling.

Maximum Attempts

Available records that are NOT READY, due to reaching maximum attempts.


Records that were part of the deactivated list. They are not reachable unless reactivated.