Contact Detail Report

Use the Contact Detail report to view the current status of the records loaded to be called. This report enables supervisors to determine the quality of the list without having to export the calling file.

If you receive a 504 Gateway Time-out error message while trying to run the Contact Detail report, the data range you selected it too large. Select a smaller data range and rerun the report.

Data in this Report

The Contact Detail report has multiple columns that present data attributes and metrics. The table below provides a description for each column.

Column Description
Prospective Contact ID Internal ID that is assigned upon upload; used internally only and may be removed from the report in the future.
SkillNo Numeric value for the assigned ACD skillClosed Used to automate delivery of interactions based on agent skills, abilities, and knowledge.
SkillName Description for the assigned skill.
Desc The name of the phone field associated with the contact number dialed.
Contact ID Internal reference ID for each interaction with the customer. There can be multiple contact IDsClosed A unique numerical identifier assigned to each contact in a single conversation based on transfers and other interactions.
Phone Number Phone number dialed.
Customer Lead External Unique ID Customer's unique identifier for the record.
Target Agent Agent ID of the agent who delivered the call.
Target Agent Name Name of the agent who delivered the call.
Priority PriorityClosed Skill-based designation of the importance of contacts that determines delivery order. assigned to the skill.
Attempts Number of attempts made on the record.
Created Date Date on which the record was created.
Expiration Date Date on which the record should no longer be called.
First Attempt Date on which the first attempt was made within the reporting period
Last Attempt Date on which the last attempt was made within the reporting period.
Last Agent Touch Numeric ID for the last agent to handle the record.
Agent Name Agent name associated with the last agent.
Team Name Team to which the agent is associated.
Is Final Yes or No. Indicates if the record has been finalized or not.
Finalization Reason Selected outcomes that indicate a final result.
Disposition Numeric value for the dispositionClosed Result assigned by the agent or system at the end of a voice (disposition) or digital (status) interaction. assigned or selected.
Disposition Description Description for the disposition that has been assigned or selected.
Disposition Classification Positive, negative, or other.
Amount Amount entered that is tied to a positive outcome.
Call Duration From the moment of answer to the disconnect. Does not include After Call Work, Preview Time, or Wait Time.
Delivery Type Dialing method; such preview, predictive, and agentless.
Delivered Confirmation Req. If the agent is required to accept or reject the call. This includes callbacksClosed Holds a customer's place in queue and automatically calls the customer when they move to the front of the queue., since Personal Connection delivers callbacks as confirmation required.
Delivered Compliance Record If compliance is required for the call.
Caller ID Used Phone number displayed for your organization when the dialer attempted to call the contact.
Delivered As Callback If the attempt was a requested callback.
Delivered Agent Specific If the attempt was a requested callback.
Destination Type The medium used for the interaction. For example, phone.