Call Suppression Audit History Report

Report source: DW

Report refresh rate: 5 minutes

The Call Suppression Audit History report provides a complete audit history (including deletions) of the call suppressionClosed Temporarily skips a contact when using the outbound dialer. records. While you may have many different reasons for adding a number to the Call Suppression List, this report gives you a complete view of any modifications to Call Suppression records.

The report data does not automatically appear. Click Run Report to generate the report data in the interface.

This report provides transparency on which suppressions are requested, the time frame in which they are applied, and the edits made to them. This historical record enables the customer to understand the changes that occur to the suppressions to help determine where the changes occurred in the suppression workflow.

To decrease the page load time, the Audit History is limited by default to display changes made only within the last 30 days. The user can select a specific date range to view additional records or records from a different time period. This feature applies to all Audit History pages within the platform. The longer the date range, the longer it will take for the results to return, which may cause requests to timeout.

Data in this Report

The Call Suppression Audit History report has multiple columns that present data attributes and metrics. The table below provides a description for each column.

Column Description
Call Suppression ID Unique ID of the call suppressionClosed Temporarily skips a contact when using the outbound dialer. record
Value Value to be suppressed. This may be a phone number, zip code, area code, or any string value the customer desires that will match a field in the calling list.
Modified By Name of User that modified or created the record
Date Date/Time stamp the record was modified
Field Changed

The field name that was changed in the record.

Old Value The old value in the field
New Value The new value in the field