Audit History Report

Required permissions: Data Dowload

The Audit History data download report displays a list of all of the administration changes within the specified time period. Tracked events include changes to campaigns, skills, teams, agents, and other administrative fields. The original value and new value are displayed so you can easily compare the changes. Date and time display in UTC for this report.

If the system is not able to handle your request, the report will time out after five minutes. If this happens, you should either:

  • Add more filters to the report.

  • Decrease the amount of data you're requesting.

Select Report Option

You need to configure a Date Range, Start/End Time, and Export Format when you run a data download report.



The ID of the business unit.


The date within the specified time period on which the events in the row occurred. It has a format of MM/DD/YYYY.


The area of the product that the field was changed. Examples include security profiles, agents, and teams.


The campaign, skill, team, agent, or other field that was changed.


The agent ID for the agent who original created the field.


The value of the field before the modification.


The value of the field after the modification.


The agent ID for the agent who made the modification.


The name of the agent who made the modification.