Agent List Widget

Required permissions: Agent List

Refresh rate: 5 seconds

The Agent List widget shows a list of active, configured agents (based on filter settings) that are currently connected to the agent application. You can see the agent name, their current stateClosed The availability status of an agent, length of time in that state, and the team of each agent. If you have the Agent Zoom feature enabled in your role, you can double-click on an agent from the list to see a more detailed view of that agent's activity. This information is useful for tracking agents in real time.

This example shows several agents logged into agent application with their associated state and details.

Agent State Colors

Color State
Green Amount of agents who are in an available state - they are able and ready to handle contacts.
Purple Amount of agents who are handling an inbound contact.
Yellow Amount of agents who are handling an outbound contact.
Red Amount of agents who are in an unavailable state.
Orange Amount of agents who are in after contact work (ACWClosed State that allows an agent to complete work requirements after finishing an interaction) state.
Blue Amount of agents who are in an outbound dialer campaign state.

Agent Zoom

If you double-click an agent name in the Agent List widget, you can drill-down into more detailed information for the agent. If the agent is handling a contact, you can also view details for the contact. These details open in a new window called Agent Zoom. The top of the window contains the agent's name, stateClosed The availability status of an agent, and length of time in state. If the agent is handling a contact, an activity log, state summary, and contact information display. You can also select a historical date to view previous interactions. The activity log displays the current active state and the pie chart shows all activity within the specified time frame excluding the current active state.

Additionally, the buttons at the bottom of the widget enable supervisors to: (depending on your security profile)

  • recording the interaction between the agent and the contact
  • monitoring the agent's call
  • refresh the view
  • force the agent to log off

This widget is powerful because it provides a drill-down view for each agent who is logged into an agent application at any one time, plus it provides a quick way to manage and monitor the interactions between your agents and contacts. Another benefit of this widget is that you don't have to log into an to use supervisor specific features.

Enable Monitoring and Recording

The Agent Zoom and Contact Zoom widgets have links to monitor, record, and takeover a call. Access to these functions is determined by the Security Profile assigned to your user account.