CXone AppLink

CXone AppLink lets you take advantage of CXone business applications while still using NICE Engage recording connected to any ACD. Use CXone AppLink to import users, media, metadata, and business data from NICE Engage to CXone.

CXone AppLink is not applicable to Engage QM Integrated solutions.

These guidelines are relevant to CXone AppLink users only.

Supported NICE Engage Architectures

CXone AppLink supports these NICE Engage architectures for on-prem and cloud deployments:

  • NICE Engage standalone

  • NICE Engage for Multiple Data Center (MDC) environments

  • NICE Engage with SQL Always On support

  • NICE Engage for multi-tenant environments (CXone AppLink does not support multiple NICE Engage systems that are connected to a single CXone tenant.)

Importing Users

  • CXone AppLink only imports users from NICE Engage who are defined as agents. All other types of users, such as business users and administrators, must be defined directly in the CXone User Hub. They are not extracted from NICE Engage unless they also have an agent profile. See Employees.

  • Interactions uploaded from NICE Engage for basic call recording aren't associated with agents listed in CXone.

  • Interactions with unmapped users from NICE Engage aren't associated with agents listed in CXone.

  • All agents imported from NICE Engage must have an email address listed in NICE Engage. Agents without an email address are not created in CXone and their calls are not imported.

  • Users in NICE Engage who are defined with multiple agents are imported into CXone as a single agent.

  • You can upload teams using the Bulk Employee Upload tool. They are not automatically synchronized with CXone.

  • Only interactions that contain agent information are imported into CXone.

Importing Business Data

  • CXone AppLink can import up to 50 business data fields (35 fields with text values, 10 fields with number values, and 5 fields with Boolean values).

  • After the initial import process, any additional business data fields that are created must be entered manually in both NICE Engage and CXone. Once the fields are created in both systems, you can import the new or updated business data from NICE Engage to CXone via the DEF Server.

Importing Recordings

CXone AppLink only imports calls that were recorded in NICE Engage after CXone AppLink was configured. If you want to import calls that were recorded up to 7 days before the installation, you must inform your CXone Account Representative or DEF Professional Services immediately after the CXone AppLink installation. The support team can import calls from NICE Engage that were recorded up to 7 days before your request. For example, if you make the request 2 days after the CXone AppLink installation, they can import calls recorded up to 5 days before the installation.

Playing Imported Recordings

When playing back imported recordings in CXone, the CXone player does not display pause and resume indications for the recording.


  • Real- time capabilities, such as Real-Time Monitoring and Real-Time Authentication, are not supported in CXone for CXone AppLink users.

  • Comments, annotations and categorizations created in NICE Engage are not imported into CXone.

  • CXone Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) by skill is not supported in CXone for CXone AppLink users.

  • A Quality Plan by skill cannot be generated in CXone for CXone AppLink users. You can create a Quality Plan according to a business data field if the skill is populated into that field.

  • You can search for and play back imported recordings in the Interactions application. See Interactions: Search and Playback.