SalesForce Assist

Content on this page is for a product or feature in controlled release (CR). If you are not part of the CR group and would like more information, contact your CXone Account Representative.

SalesForce Assist is an agent assistClosed A software application that provides context-specific help to the agent. option you can use with CXone. SalesForce Assist allows you to have the transcripts of your agents' inbound and outbound voice conversations displayed in Salesforce. Agents can view the transcripts during the interaction. You can choose which side of the conversation you want to transcribe: the agent's side, the contact's side, or both.


Before you can set up SalesForce Assist to work with CXone, you must have: 

Components of an Integration

The integration of SalesForce Assist into CXone involves the following components: 

Custom Scripting Guidelines

Integrating an agent assistClosed A software application that provides context-specific help to the agent. application requires custom scripting. Before beginning the integration you should know: 

  • Which scripts you want to add the agent assist application into. You can modify existing scripts or create new ones. You may need to add the application to more than one script. For example, you need different scripts for inbound and outbound phone interactions.  
  • Where the Agent Assist Studio actionClosed Performs a process within a Studio script, such as collecting customer data, playing a message or music, or routing a contact to an agent. must be placed in your script flow.
  • The configuration requirements specific to the application you're using. The app in Agent Assist Hub needs to be configured. The actions in your Studio scripts must also be configured. Refer to the online help for each action for more information.
  • What parameters the script needs to send to the agent assist provider, if any.
  • How to complete the script after adding the Agent Assist action. You may need to:

    • Add initialization snippets to the script using Snippet actions. You can do this to customize your agent assist application.
    • Reconfigure the action connectors to ensure proper contact flow and correct any potential errors.
    • Complete any additional scripting and test the script.

If you need assistance with scripting in Studio, contact your CXone Account Representative, see the Technical Reference Guide section in the Studio online help, or visit the NICE CXone Community site.

Agent Experience with SalesForce Assist

Agents must use the same app in Service Cloud Voice that you added SalesForce Assist to. If they use a different app, they won't be able to see the real-time continuous transcript of the call. When using this app, the transcripts are automatically displayed for all inbound and outbound calls. If the agent or the contact put the call on hold, transcription is paused until the call resumes.

The content of the transcript depends on how SalesForce Assist is configured. It can display the agent side only, the contact side only, or both the agent and the contact.