Forecasting Profiles

Generally, when you forecast a schedule, all of the skills you forecast for will have the same KPIs.

So what do you do if you need to configure different KPIs for different skills?

For example, for calls that need technical assistance, you want the Average Speed of Answer to be faster than calls that are related to accounting. In this case, you'd want to configure a different ASA for the technical assistance skill than for the accounting skill.

Forecasting profiles enable you to create profiles for different skills along with their configured KPIs. When you forecast a schedule, you can then select the relevant forecasting profile quickly and easily.

You can still create a profile for all forecasted skills if that's what you need, and it will still save you time when generating a forecast.

Once you've created your profiles, you can view them in the Forecasting Profiles page, and they'll be available to select when you're generating a forecast.

Creating a forecast profile:

  1. Click the app selector and select CXone WFM.

  2. Go to ForecastingForecasting Profiles.

  3. Click New Profile.

  4. Enter a Name and Description for the profile.

  5. Define the Forecast time increment (min). The forecast will retrieve historical data in these increments from the period you selected.

  6. There are two options for applying KPIs to skills. Select one of the following:

    • Apply specific KPIs to specific skills—Use this option if you only want to define KPIs for some skills.
    • Apply KPIs globally to all forecasted skills—Use this option to apply the KPIs you define to all of the skills in the organization.
  7. In the Staffing Parameters area, if you chose to apply specific KPIs to specific skills, from the Skills drop down list, select a skill.

  8. Define the rest of the Staffing Parameters:

    • Shrinkage level: Adjust the staffing plan for the anticipated level of absences in your workforce. You can define one level for All day or different levels By time.

    • Service Tags: Define the targets that the staffing plan should meet.

      Each target has its own section in the Staffing Parameters. The sections will be displayed only if you have skills associated with them.

      Let's say the skills your forecasting are all Real Time Interactions. In this case, you won't see sections for Deferrable Work or Dialer.

      • Real Time Interactions: Contacts that must be handled immediately. If they are delayed, the customer may leave. This can cause customer unhappiness and missed chances.

      • Deferrable Work: Contacts that can be handled later on.

      • Dialer: A service that automatically calls a list of customers. The answered calls are then transferred to agents.

  9. Click +Add Skill to add additional skills, and define the Staffing Parameters for each skill until you are done.

  10. You can delete a skill from the profile by clicking the Delete icon in the top right corner of the Skill area.

  11. Once you've finished defining the skills and applying KPIs, click Save.

    The profile will be added to the grid in the Forecasting Profiles page, and you will be able to select it the next time you generate a forecast.