Desktop Studio

Studio is a visual scripting tool used to customize contact routing in CXone. Desktop Studio is the legacy version of Studio. CXone Studio is the new, browser-based version of Studio. This section of the online help provides information specific to using the desktop application. You can find the following information: 

  • Getting Started with Studio: This section provides information for new users. You can learn about downloading and installing the application. You can also learn about the user interface and complete a tutorial to create your first script.
  • Studio Fundamentals: This section provides information about the essential tasks required to use Studio. It includes detailed steps for creating and managing scripts and prompts. It also provides an introduction to working with Studio actionsClosed Performs a process within a Studio script, such as collecting customer data, playing a message or music, or routing a contact to an agent. , such as how to add them to scripts and configure them.
  • Studio Actions: This section provides detailed reference information about individual Studio actions.

Script Compatibility with CXone Studio

CXone Studio and Desktop Studio scripts are compatible. Any script that's saved to the CXone servers can be opened in either application.

Scripts cannot be exported from one application and imported into the other. This is because Desktop Studio scripts are XML and CXone Studio scripts are JSON. The import feature cannot convert between formats.

Most Studio actions are available in both versions of the application. If an action isn't available in the version of Studio you're using, you can still see it in the script. However, you may not be able to modify the properties of those actions. You can open the script in the version of Studio you originally used if you need to modify those actions.