Self-Service Analytics

Use Self-Service Analytics (SSA) to understand how your customers interact with your non-assisted, self-service channels, and to identify why they aren't able to self-serve in the CXone IVRClosed Automated phone menu that allows callers to interact through voice commands, key inputs, or both, to obtain information, route an inbound voice call, or both..

SSA lets you build customer journeys to show where problems are happening through the IVR to the contact center. Use existing customer data to identify why and where customers are struggling in the IVR journey. Track the performance of journeys and use the data to identify what causes customers to:

  • Have negative experiences.

  • Drop off the call.

  • Repeatedly request transfers to an agent.

After you've identified issues, you can update the IVR, track the impact, and continue to edit to reduce customer frustration and increase self-service. This also minimizes callbacks and offloads repetitive requests, which reduces agent load and costs per call.

Use Case

Here is an example of how to use Self-Service Insights to analyze your customer IVR journeys.