Call Quality Explorer Report

The Call Quality Explorer report gives you insights into the quality of voice interactions in your contact center. You can analyze up to 20 interactions in a single report.

You can add CXone Voice Diagnostics to Call Quality Explorer to provide even more data. This requires special licensing. If you are a CXone partner, you can use one license to support multiple tenantsClosed High-level organizational grouping used to manage technical support, billing, and global settings for your CXone environment.

Your CXone Account Representative must enable Call Quality Explorer (and CXone Voice Diagnostics if you use it). You can view the Voice Diagnostics configuration fields in your tenant. However, you should never enter or modify data in these fields. Contact your CXone Account Representative if you need to make changes to your configuration.

Use the Call Quality Explorer Report

  1. Click the app selector and select Reporting.
  2. Go to Prebuilt ReportsCall Quality Explorer.

  3. Enter the Contact ID(s) associated with the interactions you want to analyze, separated by spaces or commas.

  4. Click Search.

  5. Click the row of the interaction you want to view. The specific interaction table appears.

  6. Click the value in Contact ID for a table of additional information about the interaction. This small table is the first to branch from the specific interaction table. You can click MegaLadder or CXone Voice Diagnostics to view quality of service data in a new browser tab. You may also see Contact IDs for interactions related to this one. Click one of these Contact IDs to add it to the Call Quality Explorer report and view its details.

  7. Click the value in Traffic Type to view a table with more information about the call traffic and routing. This table is the second to branch from the specific interaction table.

  8. Click the value in Agent ID to view a table of additional agent associations. This table is the third to branch from the specific interaction table.

  9. Click the value in Call Events to view a table of events that happened during the interaction. This table is the last to branch from the specific interaction table.