Custom Data Report

Required permissions: Data Download

The Custom Data data download report displays all variables published by custom scripts. For example, if a script prompts a caller for an account number, you could assign the account number to a variable for it to appear in this report.

For variables to appear in this report, you must declare the variable with an ASSIGN action in your script. In the action, set the Save to DB property to True. The variable gets saved to the contact structure. When you run this report, you must select a time range. The report pulls in custom data payload fields from all contacts during this specified time range.

An example of the Custom Data download report output.

Select Report Option

You need to configure a Date Range, Start/End Time, and Export Format when you run a data download report.



The unique, system-generated ID of the contact.


The name of the variable the script published.


The value associated with the variable the script published for the contact. This field is limited to 400 characters.