Intent Trend Widget

Required permissions: Interaction Analytics View

The Intent Trend widget allows you to see intentClosed The meaning or purpose behind what a contact says/types; what the contact wants to communicate or accomplish volume trends over time to identify intent spikes. The widget shows up to 10 intents at a time. By default, these are the 10 intents that occur most often. You can hide and unhide intents from the chart and legend to customize the data displayed. Use the filter to focus on specific agents, teams, or other analytics. You can also drill down to specific interactions to analyze examples.

You can view intents at three levels: 

  • Intent Category: The broadest category of intents. For example, account, customer experience, or billing.

  • Intent Topic: More specific intent subjects. For example, account management, account access, or account creation.

  • Intent: Specific intents. For example, canceling account, having account access issues, or inquiring about personal account.

This is supported for voice and digital channels. Supported digital channels include all conversational digital interactions but not social media posts. They also include legacy ACD chat and SMS channels. Legacy ACD email and CXone email are not supported.

To use this, you must have one of these licenses or license combinations: 

  • Analytics Advanced

  • Analytics Premium

  • Analytics Essential and AutoSummary

If you have questions, ask your CXone Account Representative.

Read the Chart

The vertical axis represents the number of times an intent occurred in the interactions. The horizontal axis represents the time at which those mentions occurred. This can be in hours if the chosen time period is small, or it can be days if the chosen time period is large.

Remove Intents from the Chart

You can hide intents from the chart. This takes the intent out of the legend and removes the line from the chart. To hide an intent: 

  1. In the legend, click the intent you want to hide.
  2. Select Hide <Intent Name>.

Add Hidden Intents to the Chart

If you have hidden intents from the widgetClosed Graphical representation of data that meets specified filter criteria. and want to view them again in the chart, you can add them back. To add an intent back to the chart: 

  1. Click the options icon in the top right corner of the widget. Select Hidden Intents.
  2. From the Hidden Intents window, click the X beside each intent you want to show in the chart. Click Close.

View One Intent

You can quickly select one intent to view and have all other intents excluded from the chart. To view one intent in the chart: 

  1. In the legend, click the intent you want to view.
  2. Select Show Only <Intent Name>.

To show all intents again, click the intent in the legend and select Show All.

View Interaction Details

When you click an intent in the legend, you can select Show Interactions to view the transcripts where instances of that intent appear. For example, if you click Billing and select Show Interactions, you see a list of transcripts where contacts wanted to discuss billing.

You can perform all the same actions in this pop-up that you can in the Interactions Widget. These actions include:

  • Viewing transcripts.
  • Listening to call recordings.
  • Highlighting selected items.
  • Sorting data into your preferred view.

For more instructions, see the Interactions Widget.

Modify the Intent Trend Widget Settings

You can modify the Intent Trend widget settings to apply filters, change the name of the widget in the workspaceClosed Named view of one or more widgets., and specify which intents appear in the widget.

Change the Title of the Widget

  1. Click Options icon of 3 verticle dots in the top right corner of the widget.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Enter the new widget name in the Title field.
  4. Click OK.

Customize Which Intents Appear in the Widget

  1. Click the Options icon of 3 verticle dots in the top right corner of the widget.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Widget Options to open the drop-down.
  4. Scroll through the list of intents and select the checkboxes corresponding to the intents you want to appear in the widget. Clear the checkboxes of any intents you do not want to appear in the widget.
  5. Click OK.

Export Intent Trend Chart as CSV

  1. Click Options icon of 3 verticle dots in the top right corner of the widget.
  2. Click Export The export icon looks like a three-sided square with an arrow pointing down into it..

Save Intent Trend Chart as an Image

Images are exported as PNG files.

  1. Click Optionsicon of 3 verticle dots in the top right corner of the widget.
  2. Click Save Chart as Image The Save as Image icon appears as a square with a picture in it..