Additional Oversight

NICE CXone has two centers that provide oversight to CXone and your data:

  • The Network Operations Center (NOC)

  • The Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC)

Network Operations Center (NOC)

The NOC maintains 24x7x365 service oversight. It also maintains attendant staffing. This staffing may include support in the Philippines, depending on your tenant's design. The Philippines NICE CXone staff is large. It maintains the following:

  • NOC.

  • Technical support.

  • Databases.

  • Systems administration operational staff.

  • A full set of operational management as an alternative site. This site serves as backup during resiliency events that impact the main United States staff.

The NOC does not use a "follow-the-sun" processing center concept. You can design your services to make call contacts globally, and CXone makes and takes calls worldwide. But your data always remains within the legislative location of your contract. For example, if you design your tenant to store your data in the United States, then your data remains in the United States no matter where your contacts are made.

The NOC utilizes:

Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC)

Information Security CSOC is made up of trained and qualified analysts who monitor:

  • System events.

  • Infrastructure.

  • Applications.

This team utilizes processes, procedures, and digital forensic technology to:

  • Deter computer misuse and policy violation.

  • Prevent and detect cyber attacks, security breaches, and abuse.

  • Respond to cyber incidents.

CSOC delivers:

  • Security monitoring and auditing.

  • Incident response.

  • Threat and vulnerability management.

  • Device management.

  • Security compliance.

CSOC helps to ensure that threats targeting our data and assets are locked down and eliminated before they cause widespread damage and disruption.

Cyber security includes everything from:

  • Continuous monitoring.

  • Effective and tailored vulnerability management.

  • Security-incorporated product engineering.