Contact List Widget

In an upcoming release, this application will be removed for all systems except for those with FedRAMP enabled. Unless your system is FedRAMP-enabled, switch to the new CXone Dashboard application as soon as possible for an improved experience.

Required role: Supervisor, Manager

Refresh rate: 5 seconds

The Contact List widget lists, by ACD skillClosed Used to automate delivery of interactions based on agent skills, abilities, and knowledge, the contacts that are active in the network. It also lists their state, the duration of time the contact has been in the state, the campaign the skill is assigned to. If applicable, it lists the agent who is handling the contact.

The Contact List widget, showing 2 contact IDs, with their corresponding media types, ACD Skill names, contact states, time, and contact time.

This widget provides comprehensive drill-down data of the contacts occurring within your system.


These columns can be reordered by clicking and dragging the column label to the desired location.


Contact ID

The contact ID for a specific contact attempt.

Master Contact ID

The master or parent ID for one or more related contacts. A new master contact ID will be assigned if a contact has been transferred 10 or more times.

Media Type

The media typeClosed A medium, such as voice, email, and chat, through which a contact connects with an intended recipient. of the contact; that is, phone, email, and so on.

Media Subtype

If the Media Type is digital, this field will list the Digital ExperiencedigitalClosed Any channel, contact, or skill associated with Digital Experience.channelClosed A way for contacts to interact with agents or bots. A channel can be voice, email, chat, social media, and so on. for the interaction. Examples include email, chat, and SMS, as well as socialClosed Public social media interactions, such as on Facebook or Twitter and messagingClosed Direct interactions using social media like Twitter DM, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.


Listed phone number of an incoming voice call.

Contact Point

An entry point that an inbound contact uses to initiate a digital interaction.


Lists how the contact was initiated; this field is generally inbound or outbound but can be unknown in some cases.

ACD Skill Name

The skill used to route the contact.

Contact State

The contact’s current state. This column identifies whether or not the contact is inbound or outbound. The state listed here corresponds to the colored circle next to the skill name.

Contact State Time

The total duration of time the contact has been in the IVRClosed Automated phone menu that allows callers to interact through voice commands, key inputs, or both, to obtain information, route an inbound voice call, or both..

Contact Time

The amount of time the contact has spent in the NICE CXone system.


The agent who is handling the contact, if applicable.


The campaign to which the skill belongs.


Settings containing checkbox selections have a Select All and Deselect All option. These can be used to quickly pick and choose just the metrics needed to create a targeted display. The Agents and ACD Skills settings also have a search box for locating a specific agent or skill.

Display NameAllows for customization of the widget name
View DataControls which columns are shown in the widget
ACD SkillsConfigures which skills(s) are included in the widget
CampaignsConfigures which campaign(s) are included in the widget
Media TypesConfigures which media types (channels) are included in the service level calculations

Contact State Colors

YellowPreQueue: Active in the system but not yet waiting to be delivered to an agent; likely still in system IVR. For Digital Experience contacts, the case state is New or Open with no skill or agent assigned to it.
OrangeInQueue: Currently waiting to be handled by an agent. For Digital Experience contacts, the case state is New or Open with a skill assigned to it but no agent assigned to it.
GreenActive: Interacting with an agent. For Digital Experience contacts, the case, in any state besides Closed, is assigned to an agent.
GrayOnHold: Agent placed contact on hold.
BluePostAgent: Finished interacting with the agent; could still be active in the system to complete a survey or other reason. For Digital Experience contacts, the case state is Resolved, Pending, or Escalated with no skill or agent assigned to it.