Callback Widget

In an upcoming release, this application will be removed for all systems except for those with FedRAMP enabled. Unless your system is FedRAMP-enabled, switch to the new CXone Dashboard application as soon as possible for an improved experience.

Required role: Supervisor, Manager

Refresh rate: 6 minutes

The Callback widget displays all callback interactions within the selected time frame and the status of each interaction. You can choose to display callbacks that are part of specific campaigns or for specific skills. At 12 AM of the BU time zone, the widget resets and begins displaying data for the new day.

The chart displays the total number of callbacks handled and splits them out into 3 categories, Successful, Failed, or Inqueue.


TotalLarge number in the colored circle shows the total of all callbacks within the selected range. The colors of the circle indicate the percentage of each type of callback (described below).
SuccessfulThe number of contacts that requested a callback and were successfully handled (no longer connected). Includes callbacks that resulted in a voicemail.
InqueueThe number of contacts that are in the queue to receive a callback. A callback request has been made but the outbound portion of the callback has not been initiated.
FailedThe number of contacts that were removed from the queue and did not receive a callback. The callback was not completed because of a carrier issue, no answer, and so forth.


Display NameAllows for customization of the widget name
CampaignsConfigures which campaign(s) are included in the widget
ACD SkillsAllows inclusion or exclusion of specific skills