The conversations tab provides a way to regularly review conversations your botClosed A software application that handles customer interactions in place of a live human agent. has with users. From here, you can make adjustments based on how your bot handled the situation or how well it understood the user's intentClosed The meaning or purpose behind what a contact says/types; what the contact wants to communicate or accomplish. This is how you make your bot smarter and more helpful over time.

To view your conversations:

  1. In CXone, click the app selector and select Bot Builder.

  2. Click the bot you want to work with.
  3. Click Insights icon, which looks like a line graph. in the left icon menu.
  4. Click Conversations.

On the conversations page, you can:

  • Perform basic searches using natural language or write queries in a query language for more detailed results. After typing your query, click Manage Search Magnifying Glass icon representing 'manage search' and enter a name for the search to save it for future use.
  • Hover over an individual message and click Add Intent to turn the message into an intent example.
  • Click Convert to Story to use the full conversation as training data to improve the bot's future responses. Then add intents and modify the story to fit your situation.
  • Click Add Tag in the right pane of the open conversation. You can add an existing tag or create a new tag for that conversation.