CXone Suite Integration

CXone offers rich APIsClosed APIs allow you to automate certain functionality by connecting your CXone system with other software your organization uses. that you can use for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Retrieving workflow data.
  • Communicating real-time SLA.
  • Registering a customer to marketing campaigns.
  • Opting a customer out of calling lists or campaigns.
  • Scheduling an immediate callback (digital to voice escalation).

Visit the developer portal to find a library of RESTful APIs, on-demand documentation, and FAQs.

Configure CXone Suite Integrations

  1. In CXone, click the app selector and select Bot Builder.

  2. Click the bot you want to work with.
  3. Click Integrations icon, which looks like a plug. in the left icon menu.
  4. On the APIs tab, in the Native section, click CXone Suite.
  5. Under Authentication, enter your Client ID and Secret. If you don't have these credentials, you can retrieve them by following the steps on the developer portal.
  6. Under Actions, there are a few actions built-in. You can choose to use and customize one of those, or click New Action.
  7. Type a name for the action and press Enter.
  8. Click the action to configure it.
  9. Write your configuration in the Request JSON window. Slot values can be used as variables in the format {{slot_name}}. You can use the mockSlots parameter for testing purposes.
  10. Click Test Request at any time to populate the Response window.
  11. You can use the Error Message field to determine what to show a customer in response to a failed API request.
  12. You can select the Debug Mode checkbox to add a suffix response to the error message.
  13. Ensure the action toggle at the top of the action configuration page is turned on. If the toggle is off, the action will not be available to use.
  14. If you want to add the integration to a bot skill, hover over the integration in the left column, then click OptionsThree horizontal dots > Add to Skill. If the skill already exists, select it from the list. You can select more than one. If you need to create a new skill for the data, type a name for your skill in the field, then click Create Skill "...".
  15. Click Train and Stage to train your bot on the new integration. You can also do more training and testing later.
  16. Add your action to a story, rule, or fallback. The APIs section of the bot action options will show all the API integration actions you have configured and turned on.