Manage Custom Workspaces

Custom workspaces are websites embedded in MAX that you can easily access while working. You may have up to 3 available in your environment or none at all. Custom workspaces load automatically when you log in to MAX. The MAX glance view collapses to the left side of the window to allow you to view the whole screen. You can toggle, close, or reopen custom workspaces as needed while you work.

Toggle between Custom Workspaces

If your administrator configured multiple custom workspaces, you can switch between them either by clicking links or using hotkeys.

Manually Switch Workspaces

  1. Hover over the collapsed MAX panel on the left until the glance view appears.
  2. Under Custom Workspaces, click the custom workspace you want to open.

Switch Workspaces with Hotkeys

The MAX application must be selected for you to use the hotkeys. If you have clicked inside a custom workspace, the hotkeys do not work and you must click inside the MAX application before they will work again. With the MAX application selected, press Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, or Ctrl+3 on your keyboard to switch to the first, second, or third link listed under Custom Workspaces in the MAX glance view, respectively.

Close Custom Workspaces

You may want to close custom workspaces to prevent the MAX application from collapsing or because you are no longer using them. To do so, click the X in the top right corner of the screen. To re-open custom workspaces, click the link or use hotkeys as described in the preceding section.

Contact Handling with Custom Workspaces

When you handle a phone call with a custom workspace open, the active custom workspace is displayed below a special phone bar with the call control across the top. The phone bar has similar functions to the normal voice workspace so you can handle the call as usual. You can close the custom workspace to handle the call in the normal voice workspace. Note that if you add additional parties to a call (such as a conference call), the MAX interface changes from the phone bar to the standard voice workspace view to give you the appropriate controls for each party.

When you handle other types of contacts besides voice, you must choose to either focus on the contact or one of the custom workspaces. You cannot view both at the same time.