CXone Softphone for Administrators

CXone Softphone is an executable application that allows your agents to use an internet phone to engage in voice interactions with contacts. The original CXone Softphone is a one-time, perpetual license that is assigned to a computer. You cannot move it between computers. It's available for Windows 10 and Mac. CXone Hosted Softphone is the same executable softphone application, but the license is assigned to an agent instead of to a device. You can move the license between Windows 10 computers to support remote agents and hot-desking environments.

The CXone Softphone can only be used with MAX.

To enable CXone Softphone in your environment, contact your CXone Account Representative.

Download and Install CXone Softphone

Before downloading CXone Softphone, you must determine which version is required. CXone Softphone and CXone Hosted Softphone use different licenses and cannot run simultaneously on the same computer. If you aren't sure which version you require, check with your contact center administrator or CXone Account Representative.

  1. Click your initials in the top right corner of CXone. Click Support and Downloads.
  2. Read the licensing agreement and click Accept.
  3. Click the correct softphone application for your needs: CXone Softphone 6.1:
    • CXone_Softphone_6.1.2.0_104472.exe — Individual download for Windows PC.
    • CXone_Softphone_6.1.2.0_104473.dmb — Individual download for Apple Mac OS.
    • CXone_Softphone_6.1.2.0_104472.msi — Package for automated installations in Windows PC.
    CXone Hosted Softphone 6.1:
    • CXone_Hosted_Softphone_6.1.2.0_104476.exe — Individual download for Windows PC.
    • CXone_Hosted_Softphone_6.1.2.0_104476.msi — Package for automated installations in Windows PC.
  4. If prompted, save or run the file; otherwise, the download runs automatically.
  5. Click Yes to allow the softphone installer to make changes to your computer.
  6. Select the language to use during the installation from the drop-down. Click OK.
  7. Follow the steps in the softphone setup wizard to complete the installation.