Stations enable you to assign a phone number, caller ID, session timeout, channel-based refusal timeouts, and an IP address to a specific workstation in your contact center. Using stations helps you reduce the risk of errors that agents could make if they have to memorize or enter phone numbers to log in to the agent application. Because you're not required to assign stations to an agent, handling your phones with stations is useful if you have more agents than workstations. It allows you to manage your workstation assignments per shift instead of on a permanent basis.

You can use stations to designate some of your contact center workstations for certain types of work. You can enable some workstations for handling digital channels, such as email and chat, but not others. You can designate some stations for making long-distance calls, or for handling Proactive Voice dialing.

Mr. Bennet manages a small contact center for Longbourn Estate, a subsidiary of Classics, Inc. He has five agents: Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia. The Longbourn contact center has three workstations, each with one telephone. Up to three agents can work the daily shift. Since Mr. Bennet has more agents than workstations, it makes more sense for him to have agents select a workstation when they arrive for a shift than it does for him to give agents permanent workstation assignments.

To make this work, Mr. Bennet sets up three station profiles: Phone01, Phone02, and Phone03. He assigns one of his three phone numbers to each station. He places a label on each workstation with the name of its associated CXone station.

One morning, Lydia clocks in for her shift and finds Mary and Jane there, already working. Lydia sits at the remaining workstation, which is labeled Phone02, and logs in to CXone. When she launches MAX, she's prompted to enter the Station ID. She checks the Station details for Phone02 on ACD and enters the Station ID, 123456. MAX logs her in to the application and associates her MAX session with the phone number assigned to the Phone02 station. When Lydia receives an inbound phone contact, CXone calls the phone number associated with Phone02 to link Lydia to the NICE CXone network. Lydia answers the call and handles the contact from her phone.

A Login History tab is available in each station profile. It gives you a full, searchable history of which agents logged in to the station and the date of each session.

Each station has an audit history tab that displays a table of information about the creation and last modification of the user. You can see what was modified, when it was modified, and who did the modification. Audit history tables can become very large, so you can use search and filter tools to limit the display based on certain text or a specific time period. Each station also has a Login History tab that displays a table of the user's login sessions and details about each one.

Key Facts about Stations