Routing Attributes

Routing attributes are a bullseye routing method. They let you create and manage custom traits to narrow the pool of potential agents within the ACD skillClosed Used to automate delivery of interactions based on agent skills, abilities, and knowledge. For example, routing attributes could be languages an agent speaks. They could be state-issued licenses or product certifications that agents have.

You assign routing attributes directly to agents in their user profiles. You then configure them in Studio scripts to route interactions to those agents.

Classics, Inc., is going international. They are hiring agents who speak Spanish, German, French, and Italian. The administrator, Marguerite Blakeney, wants to route interactions to agents based on language. However, she wants to continue using her existing ACD skills.

Marguerite creates five routing attributes. She has one for each of the new languages and one for English. She assigns the attributes to the appropriate agents. Her Studio developer builds a routing script for her. It uses the REQAGENT action to assign the appropriate language when placing the interaction in queue. This helps ensure contacts reach an agent who can best help them.

If you use CXone WFM, review the documentation for your CXone WFM product before you set up bullseye routing. Determine the best practices and potential forecasting impacts of using bullseye routing with proficiency ranges, routing attributes, or both.

  • If you use IEX WFM, review the Distribution Rules Guide.
  • If you use CXone WFM, review the online help.

Key Facts About Routing Attributes