Set Up Emergency Dialing

Any agents with at least one outbound voice skill can place a call to an emergency number, like 911 in the United States. You can set up emergency dialing to send these calls directly to a local public safety dispatch center, rather than routing through a national or regional emergency center. This allows for a quicker response.

Dialing each emergency call may incur additional charges. Talk to your CXone Account Representative for more information. You can dial 933 to test the emergency call functionality at no additional cost.

Emergency dialing is not yet available in every country. Talk to your CXone Account Representative to determine if this feature is available for you.

  1. Add an Emergency Call Notification Email address in your business unit. This allows you to receive an email notification when an agent in your tenantClosed High-level organizational grouping used to manage technical support, billing, and global settings for your CXone environment places an emergency call.
  2. Specify an Emergency Call Default Callback Phone number in your business unit. This specifies a callback number to be used if an emergency call is disconnected. This should be a number that always directly reaches a person.
  3. In an ACD User Profile, add information in the following fields for an individual user:
    1. Address line 1
    2. Address line 2
    3. State/Province/Region
    4. ZIP/Postal Code
    5. City
    6. Country

    After saving, CXone verifies the address. This is a critical part of the process. If an address is not verified, emergency calls will be routed to the national emergency center. Ensure the Verified for Emergency Call Dispatching field displays with a green check mark.

    If the user does not work from a single location, select the No Fixed Address checkbox.

    You can choose to edit multiple users at once to add addresses for multiple users. However, this method does not verify the addresses. You must save each user's address from their individual user record to verify the address.