Proactive Email

A Personal Connection (PC) Proactive Email ACD skillClosed Used to automate delivery of interactions based on agent skills, abilities, and knowledge allows you to send one-way email messages to a list of contacts. You can create and upload the list of contacts to email manually, or you can work with your NICE CXone account manager to set up XS, which uses a Studio script to pull contacts from your CRM.

Mr. Collins is the head of Marketing at Classics, Inc. He wants to bring in more orders by sending exclusive offers to interested customers via email. He sets up an email subscription form on the Classics, Inc. website where visitors can enter their email addresses to receive the exclusive promotions. He uses these email addresses to create a list of contacts who will receive his emails.

The 'from' email address for the promotional emails is This email account is unmonitored, so if a customer replies to a promotional email, no one will see it. Working with his IT specialist, Charlotte, Mr. Collins has configured the Classics email server to send an automated email response when a customer replies to a promotional email. The automated message provides contact information for Classics, Inc. so the contact can reach the company's support line through a monitored channel.

This week, Mr. Collins wants to offer subscribers the Olive Branch discount: 40% off a purchase total when the subscriber refers a friend who makes a purchase. Mr. Collins creates a new email message template detailing the promotion. He updates the contact list to include new email addresses added this week and remove email addresses that have been unsubscribed this week. Then he uploads the contact list, linking it to his Marketing Proactive Email skill. Since he doesn't run the skill on an automatic schedule, he starts the skill manually to begin the paced delivery of his emails.

Both message templates and proactive skills have an audit history tab that displays a table of information about the creation and last modification of the message template or skill. You can see what was modified, when it was modified, and who did the modification. Audit history tables can become very large, so you can use search and filter tools to limit the display.

Key Facts About Proactive Email

  • Proactive Email is one-way communication; however, you can configure a separate inbound email skillClosed Used to automate delivery of interactions based on agent skills, abilities, and knowledge so agents can interact with contacts who reply to Proactive Email messages. Additionally, you can set up automatic responses on your email server for the address used to send the emails.
  • You cannot use the same contact list to run Proactive Email and Proactive Voice or Proactive SMS, but you can upload the same calling list twice to reach the same contacts by both phone and email.
  • Delivery of Proactive Email is paced so your agents don't have to handle a surge of inbound call responses that the email could generate.
  • You can use Proactive Email to send confirmation of voice calls to your contacts, triggering the emails when agents assign a dispositionClosed Result assigned by the agent or system at the end of a voice (disposition) or digital (status) interaction. to a call.
  • You can manually turn on a Proactive Email skill, but you can also specify a regular schedule when the Proactive Email skill runs.
  • You can create email templates in Arabic. Templates can support both right-to-left (RTL) and left-to-right (LTR) text.