Manage Email Server Settings

When your NICE CXone account representative enables Proactive Email for you, they also set up your email server settings for you. You can view or modify these settings from the Details tab for your tenantClosed High-level organizational grouping used to manage technical support, billing, and global settings for your CXone environment.

  1. Click the app selector and select ACD.

  2. Go to ACD ConfigurationBusiness Units.

  3. In the Details tab, click Edit.

  4. Scroll down to the Email Server Settings section.
  5. Adjust your delivery record settings as needed. Enter the number of Delivery Records you want to occur over a specified Delivery Time Period [ms]. For example, set Delivery Records to 2 and Delivery Time Period [ms] to 1000 to allow 2 deliveries per second. The maximum setting allowed is 5 deliveries per second. Set the Delivery Max Per Day to the total number of deliveries you want to allow in a day.

  6. Manage your server data as needed.

  7. Click Done.