Agent Patterns

Dialing patterns are used to modify digits after an agent manually dials an outbound call, but immediately before the system actually sends the call. Dialing patterns can be used to add to or change the digits an agent keys when placing an international call, for instance, allowing the agent to "dial locally". Dialing patterns at the tenant level are configured by your CXone Account Representative.

You have the ability to create dialing patterns at the agent level using agent patterns. For example, Classics, Inc. has contact centers in Kansas and Oz, among other locations. Since country and area codes in Oz are different than those in Kansas, a Classics administrator can create different agent pattern sets for each geographical area.

Key Facts About Agent Patterns

  • Agent pattern sets contain one or more agent patterns.
  • Agent patterns consist of an input value (what the agent dials) and an output value (what the system sends after the pattern is applied).
  • You can change the order of patterns within a set, and the system will evaluate the patterns in that order when determining a match.
  • You can assign different sets to individual agents based on their locations or on other business requirements.
  • You can separate the ability to create, edit, and delete sets and patterns using permissions.
  • Agent patterns override dialing patterns set for your tenant.
  • The system maintains an audit history for agent patterns. You can see when a pattern was created, when it was last modified, what the modification was, and who did the modification. Audit history tables can become very large; use the search and filter tools to limit the display based on what you need to see.