Address Books

This page covers what administrators need to know about address books. You can learn about how agents use address books in the help pages for agent applications used by your organization.

Address books let agents access contact information from within their agent application. You can include contact information for other agents, for others in your organization, or even for outside entities. CXone supports two types of address books: standard and dynamic. You can also access dynamic address books using partner platforms. The available address books are determined by your settings within Directory Sync.

You can limit access to address books to specific agents or teams. You can make them available based on the ACD skillsClosed Used to automate delivery of interactions based on agent skills, abilities, and knowledge or campaignsClosed A grouping of skills used to run reports. assigned to an agent. You can also make an address book available to everyone.

All address books have an audit history tab. It displays a table of information about the creation and last modification of the address book. You can see what was modified, when it was modified, and who did the modification. You can use search and filter tools to limit the display.

Several departments and subsidiaries of Classics, Inc., use address books. Here are just a few examples:

  • Austen Building uses a custom address book for their volunteers.
  • Holmes Enterprises also uses a custom standard address book for their contracting company, Baker Street Irregulars. The contractor regularly sends them a file of new contractors.
  • The Classics contact center in Oz has an outsourced group of agents called Munchkins. The Oz administrator created a dynamic address book for this group. It populates using an API pull from the outsourcing company's database.

Key Facts About Standard Address Books

  • You can manually add data to a standard address book.
  • You can import an existing contact file into a standard address book.
  • Even if you create a standard address book for manual entries, you can later upload a file if you want to add multiple contacts at once.
  • When you manually enter contact information, you can choose to enter either an email address, a primary phone, or a mobile phone. However, when you upload a file of contact information, you must include a primary phone.

Key Facts About Dynamic Address Books