Test and Debug Scripts

This help page is for Desktop Studio. This information is also available for CXone Studio.

Testing and debugging is an important step in the development of a script. There are several ways you can do this in Studio:

  • Check for Syntax Errors: You can check your script for syntax errors. Anything found by this tool appears on the tab in Studio. When you save a script, a syntax check automatically runs. Warnings indicate things that you should look at and consider fixing. Errors are critical issues that prevent the script from working. You won't be able to save your script until you correct all errors.
  • Test with Simulated Interactions: You can test scripts by simulating interactions in Studio. This allows you to see how the script performs in action, as well as to diagnose problems that need to be fixed. You can run traces on simulated interactions, which gives you insights into what's happening within the script.
  • Trace Scripts: Tracing scripts allows you to view what happens as a script runs. You can use it with live or simulated interactions. The tool shows you the actions in a script and how the output changes as the script progresses. You can see the variables present in the script and the values they hold. You can also see the properties of an action, including how they're configured in the script you're tracing.
  • Debug Code and Check Syntax in Snippets: The editor window has two features that you can use to check the code you're working on. The window works like a mini-trace, allowing you to step through the code line by line. You can see each variable and the value it holds at that point in the code.