This help page is for CXone Studio. This information is also available for Desktop Studio.

Closes the script that pops for an agent as described in Page.

Invoking Agent Scripting will cut down on training, improve call handling, and the contact center will have more control in the way calls are being handled. The system can be configured to display screens and pop-ups so that agents can be directed to the next steps needed while they are on the phone with the contact. The agent is transitioned through a series of pages depending on how the contact responds to certain questions. The Pageclose action closes out the final page.

When a script launches a Page action, the context of the script moves to a temporary location. If the page calls for storing any information in variables, those variables only become available to CXone after the Pageclose action. For example, you might use a Page action to pop up a form for your contact to complete. The contact's answers are stored in the temporary location as they are entered, and become available for further script or agent action after Pageclose.

Supported Script Types

A square with a line branching from it that goes to three other squares.


Email Chat Phone Voicemail Work Item SMS



Result Branch Conditions

Result branch conditions allow you to create branches in your script to handle different outcomes when an action executes.




Path taken unless the script meets a condition that requires it to take one of the other branches. It is also taken if the action's other branches are not defined.