Navigation Redesign

Navigation in the CXone portal and Tenant Management portal has changed for a simpler, more intuitive navigation experience.

Side navigation bar:

  • Folders open by default so you can see all options when you open an app.

New app selector:

  • A new grid icon located on the left side of the title bar launches all apps from one location. This includes both apps that open inside the CXone browser instance and those that launch in a separate window.
  • When you hover over an app in the app selector, an "opens in new window" icon appears if it can be launched in a new window.

  • Since all apps are linked to the app selector in the title bar, the app selector in the side bar navigation has been removed.
  • The icon indicating which app you're currently in has also moved from the side navigation bar to the title bar, to the right of the new app selector.

This table shows the difference between how you used to navigate to an app in CXone and how you now navigate to the same app in the new navigation design.

Guide to Terms in the Table

In the Current Navigation column:

  • Side navigation bar app selector—Located at the top of the side navigation bar.

  • App launcher—Grid button located on the right side of the title bar.

In the New Navigation column: 

  • Title bar app selector—Grid button that is located on the left side of the title bar.


Current Navigation

New Navigation

ACD Side navigation bar > app selector > ACD  Title bar > app selector > Omnichannel Routing > ACD
Adapters App launcher > Launch Adapter Title bar > app selector > Others > Adapters
Admin Side navigation bar > app selectorAdmin Title bar > app selector General > Admin
Coaching Side navigation bar > app selectorCoaching Title bar > app selector > Workforce EngagementCoaching
CXone Attendant App launcher > Launch CXone Attendant Title bar > app selector > Omnichannel Routing > CXone Attendant
Dashboard Side navigation bar > app selectorDashboards Title bar > app selector > Data & Analytics > Dashboards
Digital First Omnichannel App launcher > Launch Digital Title bar > app selector > ACD > DFO

Some features are still only available through the Digital First Omnichannel portal. This is launched from Title bar > app selector > Digital.

Engagement Manager Side navigation bar > app selector > EM Title bar > app selectorWorkforce Engagement > EM
Feedback Management App launcher > Launch Feedback Management Title bar > app selector > Data & Analytics > Feedback Management
Interaction Analytics Side navigation bar > app selector > Analytics Title bar > app selector > Data & Analytics > Interaction Analytics
Interactions Side navigation bar > app selectorInteractions Title bar > app selector > Workforce EngagementInteractions
MAX App launcher > Launch MAX Title bar > app selector > Omnichannel Routing > MAX
My Zone Side navigation bar > app selectorMy Zone Title bar > app selectorWorkforce EngagementMy Zone
PartnerHub App launcher > Launch PartnerHub Title bar > app selector > Others > PartnerHub
Performance Management App launcher > Launch Performance Title bar > app selector > Others > Performance
QM Analytics Side navigation bar > app selectorQM Analytics Title bar > app selector > Others > QM Analytics
Reporting Side navigation bar > app selector > Reporting Title bar > app selector > Data & Analytics > Reporting
Self-Service Analytics Side navigation bar > app selectorSSA Title bar > app selector > Data & Analytics > Self-Service Analytics
Studio authentication App launcherStudio Authentication Title bar > app selector > Omnichannel Routing > Studio Authentication
Supervisor App launcher > Launch Supervisor Title bar > app selector > Omnichannel Routing > Supervisor
WFI Side navigation bar > app selectorWFI Title bar > app selector > Automation > WFI
WFM Side navigation bar > app selectorWFM Title bar > app selector > Workforce EngagementWFM